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Thoughts from the Aspedia Team

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

With security breaches recently affecting a number of websites, including big names, Google has announced its plans to reward sites with extra security.

Websites using HTTPS, secure and encrypted connections are starting to rank slightly higher than HTTP websites because of the new HTTPS ranking signal in the search algorithm.

What is an HTTPS website?

A Development article written by Elle Meech

Microsoft has announced they will be stopping support for their outdated browsers from 2016, only supporting the latest IE release. They will also be helping users transition to the newest update by releasing resources and upgrade guidance.

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

Engaging online consumers has become imperative, with the amount of information contained online increasing on a daily basis. Online content is not just centered in one place anymore, such as your website, it is spread across a multitude of websites and social media platforms.

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

The recent updates to Google’s algorithms have all but killed off the golden days of SEO, black hat tricks and backend metrics. 

There has been an increase in reported website ranking drops and inbound traffic due to such changes. However, many of these reported are from websites deploying backhanded SEO tactics of old.

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

With it being just a little over a month since Google released their latest update on 20 May 2014, we studied the effects to rankings and how to get the most out of Panda 4.0.

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

When it comes to an effective online marketing campaigns we are driven to look at statistics and 'proven' methods behind the techniques before we deploy them. However, we also scour blogs and content to see what the experts say, but exactly how much of this is based on statistics?

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

This week we take a look at three important areas of content strategy, creating the right content, compelling calls to action and matching images to content.

A Development article written by George Tsoukatos

The Australian Government has introduced new Australian Privacy Principles, and a main topic was adding additional information on the management of personal information which is held by an entity.

Who has Mollom?

All of our client websites that currently have a webform such as a ‘Contact Us’ form and any other type of online form will currently have Mollom turned on.

What does Mollom do

A Development article written by Phil G

Since the Crypto Malware Virus was first detected in early September 2013, the ransomware has become a very profitable and huge success for the group behind it. The unknown group of attackers has performed between 200,000 and 250,000 known system infections worldwide. Not everybody paid the ransomware demand, but of those who did the attackers were able to raise 41,928 bitcoins. Due to the exchange rate and how much each bitcoin is worth (roughly $300 USD), the attackers have now made 40 million dollars! 

Price and Payment

A Development article written by Phil G

There is a nasty virus called Crypto Malware Virus that is currently doing the rounds. The Virus encrypts all files that it can find and then charges a ransom to decrypt the files.

Why the Virus is so Dangerous

The virus can infect by a simple click by a staff member opening an attachment on a suspicious email. Then without any special permission or breaking network policies, the virus is run successfully. The malware is able to look at every data-related file that person had rights to and encrypts all files.