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Blog Archive for September 2009

Online Shopping - Consumer Habits

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

The challenges faced by traditional retailers in leveraging the online channel, such as payment security, distribution or the prevalent franchise model in Australia, are outweighed by the considerable benefits in meeting consumer retail needs on the Internet. A survey of the online shopping landscape using Hitwise Australia data indicates that consumers are actively researching brands and products across thousands of websites on a daily basis as they make their purchasing decisions.

Battle of the Browsers

A Marketing article written by Christian Dale

In today's online marketplace there is a choice as to which browser you use for access to the Internet and for editing Internet related applications. In the past, Microsoft enjoyed market dominance through Internet Explorer but they are rapidly losing their market share of the browser world. Whether you choose to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, it is imperative that your website works in all browsers so read on.