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Blog Archive for April 2013

The Latest in Web Design - How to Keep up with Trends in a 5 Step Checklist

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Does it feel like your business is constantly changing to keep up with the latest technology and design trends, as well as the everyday task of satisfying consumers? Web designs and trends are evolving to boost the user experience. A website needs to be engaging, up-to-date and have fast loading speeds otherwise consumers will simply jump to the next site.

Here is a 5 step checklist outlining the latest design features and trends for 2013. Use this list to determine if your website is behind the times and if so, it may be in need of a revamp.

Blogging Should Be Everyone's Business

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Team blogging is a relatively new approach for companies, where previous blogging techniques saw the responsibility taken on by one or two colleagues from within the social media and marketing team. Recently, new ideas and approaches are being put into practice as the social media presence for a company becomes increasingly important.
A company's blogging space reflects back onto the brand, and consumers now want to read a wide range of information from a variety of different people's opinions and views.