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Blog Archive for April 2014

LinkedIn’s Products and Services Page is Changing

A Marketing article written by

LinkedIn has decided to remove the Products and Services page from business portfolios. The change comes as LinkedIn has decided to explore new ways to enhance the content that is experienced by users every day on the network.

From 14 April 2014 this tab will be removed from all company pages. From now until then you will be able to edit this page, however, you will not be able to add any new items

What happens to the content after 14 April?   

The Race to Zero for Tech Giants Facebook and Google

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Both Facebook and Google are racing to take zero worldwide and to developing countries to grow their services to another one billion or more users. Mobile penetration in emerging markets is booming and mobile phone demand is a lot higher than any for other electronic devices. The opportunity to improve the lives of humans with tech companies is key and zero is the answer.

Facebook’s Growth Plan

Facebook has plans to shell out $19B for the WhatsApp, an instant messaging service to grow the one billion users.

Google’s Growth Plan

Similarities between a Custom Website and Building

A Development article written by

A custom website is more like a building and people usually ask: to construct me a building, how much will it cost? This is a very open-ended question to which there could be a few different responses such as: What kind of building do you want? What are your budgets? What do you need to put in the building? What is the location? What are the construction materials? Do you already have plans?

These are the same main questions you need to answer when creating a website.

What type of building/website do you want?

Privacy Policy should include Mollom

A Development article written by George Tsoukatos

The Australian Government has introduced new Australian Privacy Principles, and a main topic was adding additional information on the management of personal information which is held by an entity.

Who has Mollom?

All of our client websites that currently have a webform such as a ‘Contact Us’ form and any other type of online form will currently have Mollom turned on.

What does Mollom do