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Blog Archive for March 2012

Facebook's Timelines for Brands and Google's Privacy Policy

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This week's big news was Facebook releasing Timelines For Brands. Business pages on Facebook can now create a timeline just like a normal user. If it was not for this, Google's new privacy policies coming into effect on the first of March would have been this week's big story. Even if it has not gotten the same coverage as Facebook's new changes, Google's new privacy policy will probably have a greater effect over time, as it effectively allows Google to use user data from each service across their entire range of products.

SSL Search Reaches Australia

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It had to happen eventually. Yesterday Google announced that SSL search will soon be available on more than just Google.com. This means that SSL search will begin to affect Google.com.au users who search while signed in very soon.

Searching Google with SSL, Recent Local Searches on Mobile, Browsers and the New iPad

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Google's SSL search and local search on mobile changes, and a new iPad have made this week anything but dull. The new figures about browser market share also make good reading, and certainly highlight by cross browser compatibility is important for web design. SSL search does promise to have the greatest impact of the stories mentioned below, as dealing with '(Not Provided)' becomes an important challenge for Australian site owners.

Google Search with SSL

LinkedIn's 3 Million Australians, Print yet again and 79 million YouTube views

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There has been a lot happening with social media recently, one of the largest stories featuring a video with over 79 million views on YouTube as a part of the "Make Kony Famous" campaign. LinkedIn also hit another milestone by passing 3 million users in Australia, covering over 60 per cent of the Australian professional population.

New Site, SEO Recommendations and Social ROI in Google Analytics

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This week saw another Aspedia client go live with a great new site. Sci Qual is an accredited third party Certification Body offering ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, AS/NZS 4801:2001 and more. In the last few days we also saw Google list a number of SEO dos and do nots on the Webmaster Tools blog, announce Social reports in Google Analytics and see Twitter turn six.

RTO eCommerce Specialist Goes Live

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eLearn3, a dedicated web design and branding agency specialising in Registered Training Organisations (RTO) just went live this week. eLearn3 (live at http://www.elearn3.com.au) takes Aspedia's expertise and experience in serving RTOs and delivering eLearning solutions to both training and corporate clients and provides a fully fledged online solution.

Risky SEO Links, Your Google Addiction and Google+ for Comments

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This week has seen Google release Account Activity reports for users, and completely de-indexed a number of blog networks for bad behaviour. Rumours have also begun that Google intends to release a Google+ based commenting platform for websites similar to Facebook's own commenting system.

Risking Linking Business