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Thoughts on web design from the Aspedia Designers

Richard Jay Launches New Responsive Website Design

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Contratulations to Richard Jay on launching their new responsive design website. Richard Jay is a national family owned and operated business estiblished in 1969.

BBC News Website Updates to Responsive Design

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BBC News turned off its PC website today in favour of sending users to the new responsive design website.

The new website is designed to change the layout depending on the device used - whether it is a PC, tablet or mobile.

This move to a fully responsive website is due to 65% of visitors to the site using mobile or tablet devices.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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With mobile devices becoming more advanced, the obvious has happened, mobile search has now exceeded desktop search as shown by this graph from a ComScore report.

How to Successfully Visually Plan your Next Website

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There are a number of measurable factors that come into play when deciding whether it's time for a new website redesign.

Analytics Determines if it's Time for a Website Redesign

A Design article written by Elle Meech
The truth is that every website will eventually be outdated and replaced with new trends, page styles and layouts. If you think your current site is ugly or outdated then the chances are that you may be in need of a new redesign, but it's not as easy as that. There are other important factors that need to be addressed in order for your website to be successful.
When redesigning a new company website, you need a rational and measurable approach.

The Latest in Web Design - How to Keep up with Trends in a 5 Step Checklist

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Does it feel like your business is constantly changing to keep up with the latest technology and design trends, as well as the everyday task of satisfying consumers? Web designs and trends are evolving to boost the user experience. A website needs to be engaging, up-to-date and have fast loading speeds otherwise consumers will simply jump to the next site.

Here is a 5 step checklist outlining the latest design features and trends for 2013. Use this list to determine if your website is behind the times and if so, it may be in need of a revamp.

Better off with a Mobile Site or Responsive Web Design?

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With the recent explosion of mobile and tablet devices, some experts are predicting that mobile web browsing will eclipse desktop browsing as early as next year. There are currently three main options for a mobile presence and businesses who wish to promote themselves in the mobile space should carefully consider the pros and cons of each.

website Usability

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Website optimisation through a professional Website Usability Review and Web User Testing is about enticing more qualified visitors to your website, and converting a larger percentage of them into repeat clients.

Best Practices for e-Newsletters

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There is close to a universal hatred of "spam mail" and so there should be. But subscribers aren't always right, they sometimes have short memories and can forget that they joined your list of their own free will, which is a good reason to keep all records of each subscription request!. Once they are presented with this information they usually accept their honest mistake and hold no malice; without this you will always be in the wrong.