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Blog Archive for June 2012

Better off with a Mobile Site or Responsive Web Design?

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With the recent explosion of mobile and tablet devices, some experts are predicting that mobile web browsing will eclipse desktop browsing as early as next year. There are currently three main options for a mobile presence and businesses who wish to promote themselves in the mobile space should carefully consider the pros and cons of each.

Is Google+ Local a Positive Change?

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As of yesterday, Google Places has just become the latest Google product to be enhanced with Google+. By adding Google Places (now Google+ Local) to their social network, Google has created a layer of identity for user generated content such as photos and reviews, and added location recommendations to Google+.

Lost Passwords, paying to Announce and being trusted by Google

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This week LinkedIn joins Sony and loses millions of users' passwords, Facebook users can now apparently pay to spam their friends. Starting with E-commerce stores in America, Google aims to help online stores perform better online with their Trusted Stores program.

LinkedIn Leaks Passwords

Apple Drops Google Maps, Fighting Bad Ads and Taxing IE Users

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This week saw Apple's Developer conference (WWDC) and the announcement that iOS6 will no longer use Google for their mapping tools. Google also announced their membership in the Ads Integrity Alliance, a partnership aimed at protecting users from bad ads and an Australian online retailer encouraging its customers to upgrade their browers by charging them more.

Stopping Bad Ads Online

Microsoft Made Hardware, Real Time Facebook Ad Auctions and a Legal Saga

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Apple may soon have a competitor in the tablet market with Microsoft announcing a new device, Surface. Facebook is also going to roll out a real time bidding platform for their ads which might be the first step towards a Web-wide ad network.

Microsoft Does DIY Hardware

I/O Google News, Google+ Recommendations and @Facebook for all

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This week saw Google's annual I/O conference bring a number of cool new products to the public. Google Glass featured strongly, to no-one's surprise, but Google Now certainly was a surprise. Google+ just turned one year old this week and Facebook is replacing user emails with an @facebook.com address on profile pages.