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Developers Rejoice – Microsoft is Dropping Support for Outdated Browsers

Developers Rejoice – Microsoft is Dropping Support for Outdated Browsers

A Development article written by Elle Meech

Microsoft has announced they will be stopping support for their outdated browsers from 2016, only supporting the latest IE release. They will also be helping users transition to the newest update by releasing resources and upgrade guidance.

Previously Microsoft supported browsers for as long as the original operating system existed. This practice has resulted in browsers having to be supported for up to 10 years. However, they are now advising users to upgrade to IE11 even if they are still on an older operating system such as Windows 7.

What does this mean for the Average Joe?

Users will benefit from having the latest browser technology, that greatly improves user experience from the old IE versions. Running an up-to-date browser can also increase the speed of web browsing whilst supporting the latest web technologies.

Security issues with using an old browser version is probably one of the most important reasons for users to update. For example, Explorer 11 comes with enhanced protection features that are lacking in older implementations of Internet Explorer.

Why are Developers Rejoicing?

Website developers are currently being forced to ensure their solutions are compatible with all supported browsers. This means implementing fixes on old IE browsers that Microsoft still supports. The issue is most new technologies can’t be supported or viewed directly using these browsers.

Web developers can now increase the efficiency of their solution by limiting the amount of cross browser testing required when implementing an online solution. With online consumers updating to modern browsers, web developers can add new and better products to their existing range or road map.

For more information on IE development and updates visit the Microsoft IEBlog.