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Blog Archive for February 2014

Google Introduces DoubleClick Search, New AdWords search Funnel & Ryan Air Partners with Google

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It’s all about Google, continually updating products and adding new features all for the benefit of the end user. Google has just introduced a new DoubleClick search function that links in with the Google Merchant Centre and PLA campaigns. AdWords releases a new search function called ‘Attribution Modeling’ for businesses to better understand their consumer’s website behaviour. A statement revelled Ryanair’s CEO is working with Google on a flight search and comparison tool.

Facebook Fraud: Fake Likes Resulting in Low Engagement

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If you aren’t already aware of Facebook’s fake accounts resulting in fake likes and a disengaged audience then you should start by watching this video by Derek Muller on Facebook Fraud. The video highlights where your clicks are actually coming from and that Facebook advertising is in fact a waste of time as your campaigns aren’t reaching the right people.

Ad Campaigns

Crypto Malware Virus Update

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Since the Crypto Malware Virus was first detected in early September 2013, the ransomware has become a very profitable and huge success for the group behind it. The unknown group of attackers has performed between 200,000 and 250,000 known system infections worldwide. Not everybody paid the ransomware demand, but of those who did the attackers were able to raise 41,928 bitcoins. Due to the exchange rate and how much each bitcoin is worth (roughly $300 USD), the attackers have now made 40 million dollars! 

Price and Payment

Record-Breaking DDoS Attack

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Recently a record-breaking distributed denial of service attack (DDos) was made on CloudFlare, an online company that operates a global content delivery network. The attack hit their data centres in both the US and Europe. The attack is the largest we have seen and exceeded 400 gigabits per second; this record makes it the largest DDos attack ever recorded.

How the attacks are carried out