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Blog Archive for March 2013

Google Cashes in with Mobile, Takes Google+ to the Next Level and Businesses Receiving Advertorial Penalties

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Google made headlines once again in the news this week, focusing on the progress they have made regarding their mobile market share. Google+ has also seen a refresh in the past couple of days and the features and upgrades are something you won’t want to miss. Companies are now receiving penalties for advertorial advertising and the big question is how did they get their rankings back so quickly?

Making Money from Mobile

Fake Facebook Fans, LinkedIn Launches Slideshow and Drupal Aims for World Domination

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In this week's blog we focus on three interesting topics, firstly focusing on how to tell if a business has fake followers and what impact this has for a company. LinkedIn launches a slideshare content ad, which enhances and shows off a business's brand and content in a presentation. Lastly, drupal is set for world domination within the open source content management system. 

Social Media Downfalls

A New Marketing Tool from the Guys Over at Google!

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury
Google has just launched 'Google Think Insights' which is basically a tool for marketers but upon further inspection offers so much more.

What to Expect with the New and Innovative Drupal 8

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While Drupal 8 is not due to be released until later in the year, there is a wide range of speculation forming on what to expect with the latest open source content management system.

Google Launches Powerful New Features in Adwords Benefiting Businesses and Users

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The advertising and marketing world is always evolving and continually finding new and innovative ways to reach the consumer. Google's new launch of the enhanced Adwords campaign focuses on the user attributes and finding the simplest way to deliver a message specific to the individual's wants and needs.
The new features benefit both businesses and consumers. For the consumer the results of a search are tailored around whether it is on the run with a mobile device, at home on a tablet, or at work on a desktop.