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Blog Archive for October 2009

The Importance of Keywords

A Marketing article written by

The dotcom boom and eventual bust proved that 'build it and they will come' strategies never work and never will!

Today many websites still continue to employ this strategy to the detriment of their business goals as they do not understand the basic rules of Keyword selection.

Without doubt the Holy Grail of search engine marketing success is the selection of the best keywords or phrases for your business which delivers scores of targeted qualified leads and the associated profits that come with them. But, this is still the most overlooked element of most websites today.

Audience Development Strategies

A Marketing article written by Mike Whitehouse

All web marketers face the challenge of attracting a new and previously un-reached audience to their site through an effective marketing campaign, satisfying that audience, and turning them into repeat customers.

Audience Development Strategies are developed to entice customers to visit your site and volunteer information, which can be automatically stored along with their demographics and preferences captured during each visit to your site.

Most Common Website Mistakes

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Learn the top 10 website mistakes so that YOU can avoid them and plan a website that is functional and interesting and captivates your target audience.