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Blog Archive for October 2013

Innovations that Shaped Social Collaboration

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

Most people will be more than familiar with social technology and sharing online with friends, family and colleagues. Facebook, Twitter and LlinkedIn allow anyone online to share and collaborate, however, this is not where it began.

Google Shared Endorsements Update

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech

The latest Google shared endorsements program is extending, with a date picked in November where the upgrade will be rolled out. The new shared endorsements program will reach people in a new way by displaying your reviews, recommendations and other daily activities.

Website Liable for Comments Made by Users, Facebook Changes Privacy Settings & Managing Drupal Goals in Google Analytics

A Marketing article written by

There have been a number interesting topics and debates being raised this week with an internet news website being responsible for offensive views and comments posted by readers. Facebook has decided to change privacy settings that once allowed users to hide their own profiles from search results. Analytics also updated their programs to allow managing of goals in the latest Drupal 7 software.

News Website Liable         

Tips on Improving your Website's Speed while Improving your Conversation Rates

A Marketing article written by

Marketers are constantly reviewing their own and client's websites, determining what content, links and layout of the site can be improved to maximise search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as improving user journeys and user interaction. There are a number of questions that also need to be considered including: 'Do we need a responsive site?' and 'Are we using the best calls to action on the homepage and throughout the site?'

Site Speed