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Crypto Malware Virus Update

Crypto Malware Virus Update

A Development article written by Phil G

Since the Crypto Malware Virus was first detected in early September 2013, the ransomware has become a very profitable and huge success for the group behind it. The unknown group of attackers has performed between 200,000 and 250,000 known system infections worldwide. Not everybody paid the ransomware demand, but of those who did the attackers were able to raise 41,928 bitcoins. Due to the exchange rate and how much each bitcoin is worth (roughly $300 USD), the attackers have now made 40 million dollars! 

Price and Payment

As discussed in our previous blog, Important Crypto Malware Virus Warning, The Cryto Malware Virus encrypts the victim's files and gives them 72 hours to pay the ransom to retrieve their files before it destroys the encryption keys.

There were a number of payment methods offered, the main two which were ultimately settled on were bitcoin and MoneyPak. The ransom payment amount was essentially $300US or two bitcoins. This was the cost during the early stages when the virus was first introduced; at that time a single bitcoin was valued at $150 USD. The later months saw a dramatic inflation with the bitcoin price. This promoted the attackers to reduce the ransom amount which was down to one bitcoin, then to half a bit coin, to finally 0.3 bitcoin.

CryptoLocker Gets Greedy

The original version of the Crypto Malware Virus has now been around for some time and all the major antiviruses recognise it which means the rate of infection is slowing down. Unfortunately, the hackers have created a new version called CryptoLocker which demands payment of 5 bitcoins. Once it cost $300 USD, today you will be paying $3,000 (5 x $600 USD)