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Analytics Determines if it's Time for a Website Redesign

Analytics Determines if it's Time for a Website Redesign

A Design article written by Elle Meech
The truth is that every website will eventually be outdated and replaced with new trends, page styles and layouts. If you think your current site is ugly or outdated then the chances are that you may be in need of a new redesign, but it's not as easy as that. There are other important factors that need to be addressed in order for your website to be successful.
When redesigning a new company website, you need a rational and measurable approach. If your current website uses Google Analytics or similar, here some pointers that indicate if it's time for a redesign.

Have an Objective Goal

 For your website redesign you want to have an objective goal:
  1. Increase conversion rates through registration or product purchase
  2. Transformation towards a new company strategy in product or service
  3. Advancing user experience with mobile devices
  4. De-clutter content and keep the core message
  5. Move from an inflexible CMS to a multifunction framework like Drupal
These steps can help your company target the key issues that need to be considered before embarking on a new website redesign.

Low Conversion Rate 

A site conversion is when a user performs something that they are meant to do. This might be when a user signs up to an account, fills in a contact us form or requests to view a demonstration. These are all conversions and the conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who become a conversion.
When you look at your conversions and notice they are on the decline, it means that the website isn't doing its job. Some factors that might indicate if there is a technical problem with the site could be slow load times or broken links - these may be stopping conversions. Another reason may be that you are getting the wrong traffic to your site, and you need to retarget your SEO efforts. Your projected message is another factor and if you're getting the pitch wrong you may need to re think the message.

Look into Mobile Devices

If you don't yet have a mobile strategy in place it may be worth digging into your statistics and finding out how many people actually browse your site using mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets. Mobile users are on the incline as they look for things on the go. Your website should deliver rich user experiences if you want them to engage in a conversion.
After reviewing your monthly audience that uses mobile devices, you then need to determine your next step. It is unlikely that websites would not have a significant number of users viewing your website on mobile devices, and going mobile is no longer an option. Digital presence in the marketplace today is crucial and without it you can't expect any mobile conversions.