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Google Introduces DoubleClick Search, New AdWords search Funnel & Ryan Air Partners with Google

Google Introduces DoubleClick Search, New AdWords search Funnel & Ryan Air Partners with Google

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It’s all about Google, continually updating products and adding new features all for the benefit of the end user. Google has just introduced a new DoubleClick search function that links in with the Google Merchant Centre and PLA campaigns. AdWords releases a new search function called ‘Attribution Modeling’ for businesses to better understand their consumer’s website behaviour. A statement revelled Ryanair’s CEO is working with Google on a flight search and comparison tool.

DoubleClick Search 

Google introduces the DoubleClick Search Commerce Suite that is a smarter, faster, product-centric layer to search management. The idea of DoubleClick is to develop a tailored solution for retail advertisers with more accurate performance and speed for customers, maximising revenue. The suite is a solution that enables the user to automatically create and update text ad and PLA campaigns all based on your product catalogue, leverage real-time data to optimise your business goals. The Suite is then able to measure performance along with product based reports.

Attribution Modeling

AdWords reporting is now reporting more in the sales funnel with the new attribution modelling. The new search funnel is a new tool that will help marketers better understand the sales cycle. There will now be five different attributions to compare and analyse including key words, ad groups and campaigns, all of which can be tracked in the funnel. The five models include:

  • Last click - tracks the conversion to the last clicked keyword
  • First click -  tracks the conversion to the first clicked keyword
  • Time decay - more credit is given to the clicks that occurred towards the end
  • Linear - full list of keywords from the first clicked keyword
  • Positive based - 40% of credit is given to both first and last clicked keyword and 20% for the clicks along the path

Google Collaborates with Airline     

An interview has been published that Ryanair CEO Micheal O’Leary has entered a partnership with the airline company introducing a search engine with flight pricing that will help build travel search and the comparison tool. This is a great way for travellers to compare a range of cheapest prices, route selections and more! Google is said to be developing a price comparison themselves. The project is set to be live by the end of March.