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I/O Google News, Google+ Recommendations and @Facebook for all

I/O Google News, Google+ Recommendations and @Facebook for all

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This week saw Google's annual I/O conference bring a number of cool new products to the public. Google Glass featured strongly, to no-one's surprise, but Google Now certainly was a surprise. Google+ just turned one year old this week and Facebook is replacing user emails with an @facebook.com address on profile pages.

Google+ One Year On
Google's social network has now been live for one year, and at this year's I/O conference Google has announced 250 million registered users and a new Tablet app. Google+ Events was also announced this week, with Google Calendar integration.

Google Now Coming Soon
Google's answer to Siri, Google Now, has made its debut at I/O 2012. Announced as a part of Android Jellybean, Google Now will provide information it deems relevant based on the user's location, calendar and search history.

Google+ Brings Recommendations to your Site
Soon, the +1 button from Google will recommend other pages from the site it appears on. Currently the recommendations are visible to members of the developer preview group, but it will be live for everyone very soon.

Facebook Rolls out Emails for All
Everyone is now going to have their Facebook email address displayed on their profile page. For many people the fact that users can get an @facebook.com email address will be a surprise, and will only find this out once they see their profile page.