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Battle of the Browsers

Battle of the Browsers

A Marketing article written by Christian Dale

In today's online marketplace there is a choice as to which browser you use for access to the Internet and for editing Internet related applications. In the past, Microsoft enjoyed market dominance through Internet Explorer but they are rapidly losing their market share of the browser world. Whether you choose to use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, it is imperative that your website works in all browsers so read on.

Firefox is applauded for its superior download speed, meaning that web pages and user interface will load faster so is quickly becoming the preferred browser for many users. A challenge faced in today's online world is the fact that the majority of websites are built to work in Internet Explorer because it is the browser that comes installed on most computers.

While IE has a definite market advantage through its relationship with the Microsoft Office suite of applications, any professional web developer will optimise a website on both platforms. This is because Firefox has now captured more than 25% of the browser marketplace and is climbing rapidly.

Google Chrome is known for its speed due to being very uncluttered and this has more advantages for the home user. Over time Google has added additional features including the ability to add toolbars etc, making it increasingly more useful to business users. No doubt Google will keep adding features to Chrome to outdo the competition and this even includes a Google Chrome Operating System!

If your website isn't working on Firefox or Chrome, then you are losing over 25% of all the people visiting it, which potentially could be 25% off all your leads, 25% of your repeat business and 25% of your revenue.

So make sure that your web developer has tested in all browsers to ensure that you don't jeopardise 25% of your online business potential.