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Yahoo!'s new CEO and their Online Olympic coverage and Privacy on YouTube

Yahoo!'s new CEO and their Online Olympic coverage and Privacy on YouTube

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Yahoo! has been in the news this week with a new CEO hired from Google and their online Olympic coverage. YouTube is also adding face blurring technology to their site to help users protect the privacy of those in their video.

Googler to Lead Yahoo!
Yahoo!'s search for a new CEO has ended with week with the surprise appointment of Marissa Mayer to the role. A 13 year Google veteran, Marissa Mayer was responsible for championing a number of Google's search products, including maps. Marissa Mayer looks like a promising hire for Yahoo! and may even be able to make the former portal giant relevant in today's market.

Yahoo!'s Olympic Coverage
Yahoo! continues its Olympic coverage, originally started in 2006, with the London 2012 Olympic Games. This year Yahoo! plans to deliver their Olympic coverage across multiple platforms on desktop and mobile devices. Centred on Yahoo Sport, Yahoo!'s online coverage of the games will be available on computers, Smartphones and tablets.

Blured Faces on YouTube
Now more than ever, people are increasingly concerned about their privacy, or lack of. While most of the debate online is about tracking through cookies and personal details published on social networks, there are other forms of information online that may require attention including video. YouTube has taken a proactive step in preserving privacy online by allowing people uploading video to blur out the faces of people filmed.