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Why are Products appearing in search, the Mobile Play book and Search as Speech

Why are Products appearing in search, the Mobile Play book and Search as Speech

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This week saw Google release Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads for us here in Australia and the search engine arguing that they have the same rights regarding freedom as speech as a newspaper. We also checked out Google's Mobile Playbook, a site optimised for tablets and other mobile devices. Mobile phone optimisation is an important part of the website design process. Here at Aspedia we are excited to see how implementing a mobile site has helped our clients, and are looking forward to producing more websites for mobile and smart phones in the future.

Seeing Product Ads on Google

Google's Australian blog has announced that Google Shopping can now be linked to an AdWords account. This means that Product Listing Ads are finally available here in Australia, just in times for mothers day. We expect to see a lot more of these in the immediate future.

Google's Mobile Playbook

Google's Mobile Playbook showcases just what can be done to build an awesome experience for tablet and smart phone users. Themobileplaybook.com shows just how far web design can be tailored to tablet users, while still catering to mobile and computer using visitors.

Search Engines are like Newspapers?

This is exactly the point Google is trying to make over in North America. UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh made the point that search engines should be regarded as media enterprises in much the same way as a newspaper or TV station. As such, they should also be allowed the same protections regarding what they show in their results.