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Toshiba Turns on 4G, Tablet vs Laptops Sales & Facebook Advertisers Flee

Toshiba Turns on 4G, Tablet vs Laptops Sales & Facebook Advertisers Flee

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
In this week's news and updates it feels that external factors are playing a key role in the changing nature of technology and advertising. Tablet shipments have been predicted to outsell laptops this year, which has come as a surprise as researches hadn't expected this to happen until 2014. Big brand advertisers withdraw from having their ads being shown on Facebook due to them being shown near other offensive images and comments. Toshiba announced Australia's first Windows 8 Pro tablet that comes with built-in 4G connectivity with the Portégé Z10t model.

Toshiba Reveals Detachable Utrabook with 4G Connectivity

Toshiba revealed the new detachable ultrabook Portégé Z10t to be Australia's first windows 8 Pro tablet with built-in 4G connectivity. The catch is that it is only available through Telstra as they have swiped exclusive rights for the first three month period from the launch date on 11 June.
The Portégé Z10t ultrabook was designed for ease of usability with the screen being detachable from the keyboard. The idea is that consumers can use the screen as a tablet when on the go, as well as connecting the two to then turn into a powerful PC when working on larger projects.

Facebook Raises Advertiser Concerns 

Concerns have been raised as social media giant Facebook received news of a number of multi-national advertisers pulling out from advertising deals. The cause of the withdrawal of big brands such as Nissan, Unilever skincare brand, Dove and UK building society, Nationwide was due to complaints arising after being associated with offensive images and comments which were placed next to their ads, as well as these ads circulating around other social networks.
The reaction to these offensive images was for the companies to withdraw their advertising while the issues were resolved. The solution was to remove any offensive content and make sure ads receive refined targeting.

Tablets vs laptop Sales 

The latest news in the tablet vs laptop sales reveals that tablet shipments are predicted to outsell laptops for the first time, this year. PC shipments are estimated to decrease by up to 7.8% as manufactures take a turn for the worse, which only brings bad news to big brands such as Hewlett Packard and Intel.
The change in technology trends has moved towards the growing needs of consumers who are more interested in mobile gadgets and in particular tablets. The increase in tablet sales has risen 59% compared to last year. No-one can predict the future but as statistics show, the transition into a fast paced consumer environment is evident. Users are looking for smaller and more compact devices that can be used while on the go.