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Torching Webspam, Video Advertising and Storing more in the Cloud

Torching Webspam, Video Advertising and Storing more in the Cloud

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Google has announced another major update to how they seek to rank websites, and this one is targeting Webspam. This is another in a lenghtening list of algorithm changes that Google has rolled out this year to maintain the quality of their search results. In addition to their changes to search, Google has released their storage product, Google Drive, and opening up video advertising to all businesses through AdWords.

Good luck with Old Tactics
Google is on the warpath with another algoritm update targeting webspam. Over the next few days Google is going to decrease the rankings of sites Google see as violating their quality guidelines. As many of the older, spammy, tactics become less effective it is more important than ever to focus on building sites with good content and structure, and aim to provide your customers with value in your advertising.

Google Dives Innovation Forward
Google's long awaited cloud storage product, Google Drive, has finally been launched. With users getting five gigabytes for free, three more than Google Drives' greatest competitor, Dropbox, offers.

Small Businesses Advertising on YouTube
Google has opened video advertising on YouTube up to smaller businesses. To get you started, Google is giving away $50 mllion in free AdWords advertising to 500,000 businesses getting into video. With AdWord's video advertising, advertisers only pay when their video is played and the entire campaign can be managed through the AdWords dashboard.