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Is Search Engine Optimisation / SEO still important to incorporate into your Digital Marketing Strategy

Is Search Engine Optimisation / SEO still important to incorporate into your Digital Marketing Strategy

A Marketing article written by Mike Whitehouse

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As the internet provides the possibilities to produce more and more online marketing strategies to help businesses attract leads, retain their customers and improve customer satisfaction, I am often asked if SEO is still relevant and important to include in your Digital Marketing Strategy. The big question being “Could that marketing budget be used somewhere else better?”
The answer is yes! SEO is still a very important part of your Digital Marketing Strategy. When done well SEO can be very cost effective and benefit your business in a number of ways as follows:

SEO Helps In Online Searches

SEO helps your customers to be able to find your business online. Keywords and phrases are still being searched every day and are one of the top ways to undertake research on products, services and brands. Imagine if you can attract the people searching for your product or service through good organic rankings, then that is gold. If you do not appear in Google when a search is being undertaken then you will simply be giving your business away to a competitor.

Find Your Business Online

Why have a website that can’t be found? If you have gone to the effort and expense of building a website to represent your brand online, then why would you not make it visible to the people searching for it? Remember that your existing customers who know your brand are not the only ones looking for your products and services.

Attract and Convert Sales

Keywords, keyword strings, great landing pages, links, URL’s, compelling content and calls to action all help Google to understand what you do and attract leads to your site. Let your website attract these leads and then use some great landing pages and calls to action to convert them into making contact with you, or buying online. Your website is a lead generation tool.

Use Keyword Planning to Make Your Content Relevant

With great keyword planning tools, you can determine which words people are searching, what topics are of most interest and the demographics and geographical areas of your audience. Your keywords and keyword placement in content, blogs, articles, whitepapers, etc will increase your chances of being found by potential customers.

Identify Content that your Customer Is Searching for

Your keywords can also be used to assist with identifying relevant blog topics so that you can provide content that is meaningful and relevant to your audience. Build your brand using great content and this will build a relationship with your customer that in turn, creates trust.

Let SEO Assist  With Your Social Media Strategy

Keyword identification can also help you to determine the # hashtags that you should use in your social media posts. Social media can be a very important part of your SEO planning and strategy creation and is very valuable because social media sites are often listed at the top of Google searches. Rank high on these pages and you rank high on getting more leads for your business.

SEO Keeps Business Coming To You, Not Your Competitor

All day, every day YOUR potential customers are searching on Google and other search engines for your products and services. Make sure that you don’t give that business away to your competitors unnecessarily. If you make sure that you rank well in search engines then your business will definitely reap the rewards and you can easily increase sales.
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