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The Sales Conversion Funnel

The Sales Conversion Funnel

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Websites today need to be a standalone profit centre for any business, so how do we make them work harder? Well you test and measure and the great thing about the Web is that it allows you to track visitors and what they do and where they go on your website!!

In a typical conversion funnel, visitors drop off along the way to the final step that completes the sale or achieves the desired action. The good news is that when your analytics program tracks the micro steps required to reach the final conversion act, it reveals actionable data that can be used to prevent drop-off. An analysis of the sales path reveals the problems that prevent conversion, leading to the need for more effective calls to action at each step along the way.

  1. Eliminate all unnecessary steps to conversion to reduce conversion funnel drop-off. The fewer steps needed for conversion, the greater the likelihood of a sale or desired action.
  2. Create an effective call to action for every step in the sales path. The most effective call to action is defining a need and providing a compelling benefit.

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In the end, your conversion rate reflects your ability to persuade visitors to complete their intended actions. It is a measure of your effectiveness and of customer satisfaction.

The above highlights the need to constantly work on your website, changing calls to action, moving graphics etc to test and measure your users' preferences. This can be a complex ongoing task and requires an analytical mind to ensure the best results. In essence the most effective website is not the one with the most visitors but the most customers!!