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Reach Past Visitors with Remarketing

Reach Past Visitors with Remarketing

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Most small and medium businesses have hundreds or thousands of visitors visit their website every week. These potential customers may engage in your website, view several pages and be genuinely interested in your offering, yet for some reason they never fill in that contact form or reach for their phone. All is not lost however, with remarketing you can reach out to these users across the web and entice them back to your website through display ads.

So what is remarketing?

Remarketing is displaying advertisments for your website all across the network with a service like Google's Display Network. Users will see your ads on a wide range of websites either in a text or image format. Since you know these visitors have looked at your website in the past, you can use more targeted messages towards these users. For example, for past visitors of your book store website, you might display an ad advertising a one day free shipping special offer. This limited time offer will help tempt users to buy with a sense of urgency and a targeted offer.

How does it work?

When the user visitors your site, a cookie is placed on their machine placing them into an audience specified by you. Later, as they visit other sites around the web, Google reads this cookie and uses it to display your advertisment. 

Is that all?

Not at all. Since you are in charge of 'tagging' these visitors, you can get even more targeted than just website visitors. You can place your visitors into more targeted audiences based on the area of your site that they visit. For example, a user who visits a comparison page of software product can later be presented with an ad with a call to action to see '10 reasons why Widget Software beats the competition.' A user on an eCommerce website can be shown retargeting based on the kind of product they viewed, like showing a visitor to a car dealership remarketing based on the model of car they looked at, 'August Special on the Ford Explorer at Brisbane Car Dealer'.

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