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Moving to the Cloud, What are Smartphones for and clicking 'Want'

Moving to the Cloud, What are Smartphones for and clicking 'Want'

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After the announcements from Google, Facebook and Microsoft last month, July has been quiet as far as the major technology companies are concerned. This week saw Facebook's 'Want' button slip into the public, thanks to a curious developer, Fairfax Media is moving to the Cloud for their software needs and Smartphones are used as much for surfing the Web as they are for communication.

Mobiles Phones: for more than Calls
A recent survey from O2, a British telco, found that 69% of UK Smartphone owners use their handsets to surf the Internet. Their survey also revealed that Smartphone users spent on average 21% of their time with their handsets surfing the net. By comparison, email, SMS and voice calls took up 28%.

Fairfax Media joins the Cloud with Google Apps
Fairfax Media has announced this week that it will switch to using Google Apps for Business. Increasingly companies like Fairfax Media are turning to cloud-based software solutions to streamline processes and save money.

Facebook 'Want' Button Reported
This week a developer found what appears to be a 'Want' button. On his own blog he observed that the button does render when the appropriate code is added to a page, but for now does not do anything. However, a number of people in online marketing believe that may be a part of greater E-commerce integration on the Facebook platform.