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LinkedIn Gets Social

LinkedIn Gets Social

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Not so long ago LinkedIn launched a new slideshow content feature ad providing engaging information to users, where businesses can add videos, blogs, company news and live updates to their slideshow presentation. Please view previous blog on LinkdIn Slideshow Launch.
LinkedIn has now launched additional features to their professional networking website including new and exciting profile updates, along with a LinkedIn app service for Smart phones and tablets.

Exciting New Profile 

The new LinkedIn user profile just become very social, with the launch of the profile updates. Users are able to enhance their profiles by adding visual rich content such as images, videos and presentations. 
You may be thinking 'Wow, this sounds great and it's just what my profile needs, but how do I implement this into my own profile?' The steps are easy, to begin sharing your personal achievements all you need to do is go to your profile and simply select 'edit'. Now follow the prompts in your 'summary', 'education' and 'experience' sections. 

Social Networking 

As LinkedIn continues to evolve, more and more features are being added such as the comment and 'like' options. Users are able to use these functions with other connections within their professional networking circle.
Users are able to share information on their home page and link to other individuals by name or company. This information will then appear in the home page news section, ready to be viewed and read by fellow connections.

Contacts App 

The launch of the latest LinkedIn contacts app benefits users by giving them the ability to stay in touch with their most important contacts and network relationships. Combining the two aspects of business and productivity is the app focus.
The app brings all your contacts together in the one place including your address book, emails and calendars. The user will never miss an opportunity to stay in touch or miss a detail on the person you are meeting with. The app is only compatible with Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad.