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Google's 2011 Revenues, the 'Page Layout' Algorithm and What is Your Demographic?

Google's 2011 Revenues, the 'Page Layout' Algorithm and What is Your Demographic?

A Marketing article written by Lynne Newbury

What is in Google's $37.9 Billion in 2011 Revenues?

Google released a 'disappointing' earnings announcement with a revenue figure of $37.9 Billion. The biggest contributors to Google during 2011 can be found in the finance and insurance, retailers and general merchandise, travel and tourism and jobs and education industries. Even in the current economic climate, many businesses are still finding the money to advertise in paid search.

Unlike broadcast media, paid search is a highly targeted direct response channel that gives the advertiser the ability to track how much return they get to the dollar.

Ads matter for 'Page Layout' Algorithm

Google has announced through their own official blog that they will now penalise pages with too many ads in the first pageview. The 'Page Layout' algorithm is one of the latest changes from Google, and is one of the more public. As well as dropping the ranking of sites that are too top heavy with advertising material, the public nature of this change will encourage more web developers and advertisers to reduce the number of ads they place in the first pageview.

A Google View on your Demographics

Want to see what Google thinks your demographic is based on your online behaviour? Since Google added the 'Why these ads' link to their Adwords listings, it is very easy. To find out what content categories or demographic information Google associates with your account or browser, click on 'Why these ads' to get to your Ads Preferences page. Just click on 'Ads on the web' on this page and find out more about how Google interprets your behaviour.

Then view your own categories and your own demographics.  This is probably what you've been searching for lately.