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Explore Google Hangouts

Explore Google Hangouts

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Google Hangouts is the new product taking over from Google Talk, bringing all the people who matter most in your world together in one conversation. Google hangouts enables conversations to come to life with the use of photos, real time video, emoticons and even group video, and the best part is it's all free. 


The main new feature in Google Hangouts is that you can connect and engage easily with friends, work colleagues and family more easily than ever before. Google has incorporated new features that assist in the user friendly design.
Video calls are made possible and with the ability to speak to up to 10 connections at the one time. All that is required is to click on the person you wish to video call and once the call has started you simple click on +people to add people to the call.
The ability to share photos and emoticons adds another level to the conversation to express your feelings and any highlights that have been happening during the day, which are all able to be easily shared.

Design & Usability 

The design of the new Hangout is a big improvement on the previous plain Google Talk as there is now a colourful theme that creates a fun and happy atmosphere.
There is another way to determine if your contacts are either offline, online, idle or busy on a notebook. It is displayed by a coloured line below the person's photo. A green line is displayed for when a person is online and red when a person is busy.


Staying connected with friends, family and work colleagues has never been easier with the Android and Apple Google Hangouts app. The app notifies you when you receive a new message and your friends always get your messages even when they are not at their computer with a notification sent to their phone.
The app tells you the last time you had spoken to a person, whether it was last week on Friday or 13 minutes ago, and you can view your previous conversations.
To enable the new hangouts on your Gmail account before Google does for everyone, simply click on the "try the new hangouts" option. To download the app for mobiles simply go your app store and download Google Hangouts.
For more information please visit Google Hangouts