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Evolving Association Management, a letter from Google's CEO and a $1Billion Mobile App

Evolving Association Management, a letter from Google's CEO and a $1Billion Mobile App

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This week saw Member Evolution, a project years in the making go live here at Aspedia. It also saw Larry Page, Google's CEO, publish a letter and a mobile phone app called Instagram get bought by Facebook for $1 billion.

Member Evolution is Live!

We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of Member Evolution, a cloud based end-to-end Membership Management solution. Member Evolution was built from the ground up with associations in mind, with features designed to streamline managing large numbers of members through a web based platform.

More than Association Management Software

Member Evolution is designed to make managing an association easier. With a full suit of online based tools, it helps associations of all sizes streamline membership management,communication, reporting, events, educational materials and customer relationship management.

Member Evolution provides tools designed for almost all roles an association's team needs to fill to make it work. Built to provide an efficient workspace, Member Evolution will save staff time and simplify management. Regardless of the size, Member Evolution can be tailored to suit any association's needs and let the organisation focus on what counts, taking care of the members.

More than Member Site Software

Delivering a customised user experience to members drives retention and engagement. Member Evolution provides Associations with the tools to customise content both on the site and in newsletters, events and the user experience to suit multiple personas. Members are able to access the information and events they are interested in, as well as process payments and monitor the progress of their service requests for themselves while signed in.

Member Evolution is designed to create a truly unique and compelling experience for both the staff of the Association, Charity, NFP, School or Club and for its members. Delievering these benifits saves the organisation time and money, and drives member engagement and satisfaction. Here at Aspedia are excited at what Member Evolution can deliver, and we truly believe that this is a transformative product. If you want to find out more, visit the Member Evolution website, or contact us today.

2012 Letter from Google's CEO

Larry Page's latest letter as the CEO of Google makes for a long but interesting read. While we recommend you look at it for yourself, there were a few points that really stood out for us. Unsurprisingly, Larry spent a lot of time on discussion Social and Mobile, both from the context of search. His focus on these two product areas send a clear signal of where Google expects the Internet to move, and why Google+ matters so much to their future plans.

Facebook Spends One Billion for Instagram 

Hot on the heels of the iPhone App, Instagram, releasing an Android version, Facebook is set to buy the entire company for $1 Billion. The photo manipulation app itself has just over 27 million passionate users, a number that is sure to have grown significantly since its launch on Android, and was only created in 2010. To go from launch to acquisition at such a high price in such a short period of time is remarkable, and most of the commentary expects the acquisition to be more about the talent within Instagram and Facebook's own mobile strategy than the number of users, or the coolness of the photo filters.