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Are you Optimising your Businesses Online 'Micro Moments'?

Are you Optimising your Businesses Online 'Micro Moments'?

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Micro Moments – Is the new Battleground for Brands

Consumers want answers to their problems, queries or motivations instantly and your own personal smartphones is where it all beings. The average user goes online 150 times a day.

Micro moments is what we call these critical moments when a user wants to buy something, learn something, discover, go somewhere. Users want a quick solution and are not looking to a specific brand. Users are going to whoever can provide a solution to their need and are not being brand conscious.  95% of users will turn to their smartphone for immediate information, ideas or advice.

This is where businesses can thrive if they are utilising online business and micro moments.

“Life isn’t lived in years or days or even hours it’s lived in Moments.”

We don’t go online – we live online, and there is 3 million smartphones sold every day.

88% of consumers are researching items online and then buying in a physical store – Accenture

Are you making the most of moments?

57% of smartphone turn to their phones because of a conversation they are having

82% of smartphone users turn to search engine when looking for a local business

Content is there to help users and not there to sell. If you can give consumers the answers and information they require they will be more loyal to your business giving them what they need. As a result web savvy businesses are growing at twice the rate of those who aren’t.

70% increase in searches related to ‘how to’ on you tube

58% have searched online for information on ‘how to fix something’ in the past 3 months 

How to Digitise your business

  • Connect with customers – understand the search results page. Create google my business. Make sure your information is all up to date phone
  • Be mobile -  clean and clear design – saw 186% increase in sales. Mobile ads grow business.
  • Track everything

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