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Apple's 5th App Store Birthday, Facebook Upgrades Graph Search & iOS 7 Updates

Apple's 5th App Store Birthday, Facebook Upgrades Graph Search & iOS 7 Updates

A Marketing article written by Elle Meech
Technology is evolving in leaps and bounds as new updates and announcements are released each day. This week, Facebook has updated their graph search as we take a look at what the new search function offers consumers. Apple celebrates their fifth app store anniversary will top iOS apps and games for free. The latest version of the iOS 7 adds new features in the mobile operating system. 

Apple's 5th Birthday 

This week marks the fifth anniversary since Apple launched their app store, and to celebrate Apple is giving games and apps away for free. Games such as Super Brothers' Sword and Sworcery EP, Where's My Water?, Infinity Blade 2 and Tiny Wings. All of these games are made available on the iPhone and iPad, along with other apps such as Over, Day One, Barefoot World Atlas and How To Cook Everything.
All of these apps have never been free before now and are usually sold for high prices such as the Traktor DJ app which is normally $19.99. The free app sale comes as a fifth anniversary promotion. 

New Graph Search for Facebook

Facebook has made another upgrade since the first graph search was updated seven months ago. The latest search graph has begun to roll out with a few new features and upgrades. The search function which was previously blue has changed to white so now users can see the search function more clearly. Users may not have previously even been aware of the search function as it blended in with the background.
Two new search functions have been added, including 'People I may know' and 'Movies my friends like'. The music search has been pushed up the list while movies decrease.

Apple iOS 7 Updates 

The newly released Apple iOS 7 is the third beta series and has seen a big change for both developers and users. The iOS 7 changes are primarily in the new icons and menu redesigns. The new look and feel adds colour to the previous predominant theme, the lock screen is no longer there as it is now just a simple swipe to the right. There are also more features and functions in the weather app and notifications centre.
These are just a few of the changes and upgrades for the latest iOS 7 version, and where there is a function there has been an upgrade.