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How do I add a product to my website in Drupal?

Here is a step by step guide to download (with screen shots) to help you. Alternatively, you can just read the information below (without screen shots)

Adding a Product Guide

Firstly you must determine the type of product you are selling - will you ship it, can the customer download it , are they buying a voucher to complete the purchase later, and does your item have multiples of the one thing ie different sizes or colours.  You can have a mixture of these within your website, but you must choose the correct method when setting it up, as you cannot edit the type of product - you have to start again.

  1. From the administration menu choose 'Create Content'
  2. Scroll down to 'Product'
  3. From the list of products choose the correct one for your purpose - Product Types are:
    1. Product Variations allow a product to have multiple available versions with some variation and optionally unique prices per variation. ie Size, Colour, finish - (see further detail on setting up a Variation Product in our eCommerce Drupal Module)
    2. A shippable product is a tangible, physical item. Optional features includes inventory control and availability estimates but no variation in sizes and colours
    3. A Gift Certificate Creates Certificates for customers to use for later purchases.
    4. A Non Shippable product is more flexible and can represent a good or a service. ie downloadable product, or 'book and pay' for a service.
  4. If you want your item to appear in more than one category ie in tops as well as specials, hold down the Ctrl Key on your keyboard while you select each category with your mouse.
  5. To upload an image, click on browse and choose from your computer, find the image and either double click or click and 'open'.  Then click on Upload.
    its best to have all your product images ready in one section on your computer and resized to what you require for your website.  Read more on resizing an image
  6. Complete all the required fields including 'Sell Price'.  This price should include the gst, however it's dependent on the site itself and how it's themed based on what you've ask in your set up.
  7. Leave the 'Add to cart' link  as the default unless you are setting up a Variation Product, then you should choose 'Hidden'.
  8. If you want to manage how many items you have with inventory control - then tick the 'Manage Stock' box.
  9. The Product Weight and Size fields are mainly for your reference and are not required for you to complete.  If you are using a complex shipping method that requires weight and size, there will be other fields you will have to complete with that module.  You will be given separate instructions for these fields.
  10. If you are not sure about the fields and whether you require them, such as 'renewable schedule' and 'priority' - leave them as the default.  We will give you instructions if you need to choose these.
  11. Scroll down and save your product