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What is a Secondary Attribute and When would I use one?

If you understand what an Attribute is for a Product Variation you may require to set up secondary attributes.  However, you would only set them up if you required a customer to choose a product, then choose a attribute, before they would even see the options of a secondary attribute.

  • For example, you might sell Cars, Your product would belong to a category - which might be Car Make A, B or C
  • Within the Car Make, you might have a products that include, Small Car, Family Car, Ute, and 4 Wheel Drive.
  • Say for example if you chose the Small Car the first attribute/s may be Sedan or Hatch, as well as Automatic or Manual
  • Until you've chosen which of these you are looking for, the system can't tell what all the features are available, which might for the Sedan, 2 or 4 door, but for the hatch 3 or 5 door.  These secondary attributes belong to specific primary attributes. 

Most websites aren't this complex, but our Drupal eCommerce system can handle it if you do have a complex sales process.

A second example may be

  • You sell furniture
  • Your categories are set up, bedroom, lounge, kitchen, dining
  • Your products within lounge room are lounges, chairs, coffee tables etc
  • Within your lounge product - the primary attributes may be 2 or 3 seater, Small or Large cushions
  • While the secondary attribute could be all the different fabrications that the lounges are available in.  This is a slightly different example, because the fabrics are available to both the 2 or 3 seater, but to place the order, you need the customer to choose the attributes separately.

If you are unclear if you need to set up primary or secondary attributes, please contact our support team.