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What defines an eCommerce website?

An eCommerce website allows you to engage your customers and trade with them without needing to go to the expense of an actual physical store front. Customers are able to view, inquire about, and purchase your wares directly. You're able to keep your costs low as your supply options are less restricted because you don't need to keep a shop fully stocked. You're able to be far more flexible in how you sell your products, as adapting your store to any changes in your business is rapid and effective.

This flexibility is available even if you don't want to have customers purchasing directly from your site. There is no requirement for an eCommerce website to contain a purchase process.

What we are able to do for you is to use the power of our eCommerce system to present your catalogue of products in the most effective manner possible, driving sales to your business whilst keeping the implementation simple and flexible enough to adapt to change and the growth of your business. Need to display your products by category? We can do that. Need sub-categories? We can do that too! Need your products to appear across different categories and inside sub-categories of a sub-category? We can do that!