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How can I change the Tax Invoice details and when is it sent to the client?

This depends entirely on the type of details you are wanting to change, we recommend you contact us to ensure the best possible presentation and accuracy of your Tax Invoice is maintained. Some things are quite simple to change and our support team would be able to help you via email or phone should you just wish to change any of the additional charges or discounts your site may offer.

However if you wish to change the layout or heavily customise the design of the Tax Invoice you will need to arrange a time to meet with us to discuss these changes.

When the customer receives the invoice is dependent on how your eCommerce system is structured within your site. For example, a straight forward eCommerce site with simple products and a Cash On Delivery payment method, will send the customer their invoice as soon as their order is placed. However for a more advanced site that utilises a different payment system, such as PayPal or SecurePay will have their invoices sent to the customer once their payment has been cleared and completed.