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Australian Building Inspection Services

The Brief: 
ABIS wanted a responsive website design that included schema.org capabilities. The client received a lot of over the phone enquiries, and wanted to improve their online booking experience. They also needed a document management system for when clients viewed their building reports, they are then able to view more information on a particular topic, by simply clicking on the link provided which would bring them back to the website with the relevant information.
The Solution: 
We used Drupal 7 that had schema module capabilities. A responsive website was also built so the site could be viewed on any Smartphone and tablet. A document management system was incorporated with a powerful search function that allowed customers to view additional information on their building inspection report. We also created more online webforms with smaller sections to produce an easy online booking solution.
The Results: 
Online bookings increased by 40% in the first month. ABIS CEO and staff members are extremely happy with their website and the business is considering expanding to Sydney, and this will all be made possible with their new document management system.
ABIS has been a customer of Aspedia for over five years and we are very impressed with the level of professionalism, service and number of online sales that they constantly provide.
-Australian Building Inspection Services