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Young Diggers partner with Aspedia - The Web Company

Young Diggers partner with Aspedia - The Web Company

A Support article written by Lynne Newbury

Young Diggers Visit Aspedia

The team from Young Diggers visited the Aspedia office this week to discuss upcoming projects and improving the Young Diggers’ online strategy and website.

For those of you who don’t know, Young Diggers is a not-for-profit organisation that helps ex-servicemen and women return to ‘normal’ civilian life after performing military duty overseas.

Quite often, returning personnel suffer physically and mentally, impacting heavily on their families and day-to-day lives. Young Diggers’ unique rehabilitation programs are designed to increase the quality of life of retuning soldiers and assist them in overcoming the difficulties of serving in the Defence Force.

Young Diggers offers a range of programs and services to combat issues faced by returning soldiers and families, the four main programs being:

1.    The Dog Squad – Dog companion and personal development program
2.    Coming Home Program – Bush camp/adventure activities
3.    Diggers’ Angles – Messages and gifts for troops overseas
4.    The Difficult Return – Research to address mental health

The Aspedia team was fortunate enough to experience ‘The Dog Squad’ program firsthand with a visit from ‘Tisha’, a Husky who is currently being trained by Clinton, an ex-serviceman. The Dog Squad initiative encourages returning soldiers diagnosed with a disability to ‘adopt’ a dog as part of their recovery and personal development program.

Aspedia is proud to be affiliated with Young Diggers, a wonderful organisation that is passionate about helping military personnel overcome their hardships to lead normal lives.

Check out Young Diggers' visit to Aspedia on Channel Ten, Wednesday, 9 November at 5.30pm here. Young Diggers is looking for all types of sponsorships from small donations to large corporate partnerships. To register your interest visit youngdiggers.com.au.